Painting Conservation and Collections Care

I am the sole practitioner in a painting conservation practice formerly based in the conservation studio at Surrey History Centre in Woking. I undertake the care and treatment of oil paintings on canvas and panel with extensive experience of European and British pictures from the 17-19th centuries.  In my practise as an independent conservator, I provide a museum standard of care with regards treatment and documentation. Where possible, I research a given artist’s materials and techniques and the historical context in which their work was created, in order to further the understanding of a painting or collection.

Until relocation to Glasgow in July 2016, I also provided a freelance collection care service through Surrey Museums Consultative Committee to the district, borough and independent museums across the county. I assisted museum staff with any conservation related issues, providing preventive conservation advice, and a point of contact between museums and other conservators.

Since 1999 I have been a freelance conservation consultant for the Old Master and British Picture Department at Christies, King St, London. I examine and report on the condition of oil and tempera paintings on panel, canvas and copper. I report on the majority of lots in the two major Old Master and British Picture sales every year as well as collections of paintings in individual house sales.

Painting displayed above is a detail from ‘Virginia Water Lake’ by Patrick Nasmyth from Egham Museum

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